Schedule Fall 2017

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Day Date Chapter Lecture Topic Quiz Topic Assignment
1 Mon 21-Aug Ch. 1 Vid_001 Introduction, Syllabus Introductions
2 Wed 23-Aug Ch. 1 Vid_002 Vid_003 Basic Database Concepts Tutorial D
3 Mon 28-Aug Ch. 2 Vid_004 Vid_005 Vid_006 Relations and Relvars Database Controls and Keys
4 Wed 30-Aug Ch. 3 Vid_007 Vid_008 Vid_009 Keys, Foreign Keys, and Related Matters Relations and Foreign Keys
Mon 4-Sep (Holiday)
5 Wed 6-Sep Ch. 4 Vid_010 Relational Operators I Relational Operators I
6 Mon 11-Sep Ch. 4 Vid_011 Vid_012 Relational Operators I Relational Operators – Join
7 Wed 13-Sep Ch. 4 Vid_013 Vid_014 Relational Operators I Relational Operators – Tutorial D
8 Mon 18-Sep Ch. 5 Vid_015 Relational Operators II Matching, Image Relations
9 Wed 20-Sep Ch. 5 Vid_016 Vid_017 Relational Operators II Matching, Image Relations II
10 Mon 25-Sep Ch. 6 Vid_018 Vid_019 Vid_020 Constraints and Predicates Constraints and Predicates
11 Wed 27-Sep Ch. 7 Vid_021 Vid_022 The Relational Model The Relational Model
12 Mon 2-Oct Ch. 8 Vid_023 Vid_024 Transactions including ACID Transaction Scheduling
13 Wed 4-Oct Ch. 9 Vid_025 Database Design – Normal Forms Heath’s Theorem
14 Mon 9-Oct Ch. 9 Vid_026 Database Design – Normal Forms Normalization Assignment 1: Normalizing a Database. Due October 16.
15 Wed 11-Oct Ch. 9 Vid_027 Database Design – Normal Forms Normalizing Availability Group Project: Toastmaster’s Database. Due end of semester.
16 Mon 16-Oct Ch. 10 Vid_028 Vid_029 Vid_030 Boyce Codd Normal Form BCNF Assignment 2 – Triggers and Stored Procedures
17 Wed 18-Oct Ch. 11 Vid_031 Vid_032 Project Database Project and BCNF
18 Mon 23-Oct Ch. 11 Vid_033 Vid_034 Identifying Normal Forms
19 Wed 25-Oct Triggers
20 Mon 30-Oct Stored Procedures
21 Wed 1-Nov Stored Procedures II
22 Mon 6-Nov Rotating Drives. Read about Hard Drives and Optical Drives. Rotating Drives
23 Wed 8-Nov Solid State Drives. Look at Parts 1, 2, 3 and 6 starting here. Solid State Drives
24 Mon 13-Nov Crow’s Feet Style Entity Relationship Diagrams. See Slides. Entity Relationship Diagrams
25 Wed 15-Nov Ch. 12 Vid_035 Vid_036 Vid_037 SQL Tables, Operators No Quiz Today Assignment 3 – Database Schema and Relationship Diagram
26 Mon 20-Nov Ch. 13 Vid_038 SQL Constraints Optimistic Concurrency Assignment 4 – API Specification
27 Wed 22-Nov Ch. 14 Vid_039 Vid_040 SQL vs. the Relational Model
28 Mon 27-Nov Project Update
29 Wed 29-Nov Normalized Project Database
30 Mon 4-Dec Project ER Diagram
31 Wed 6-Dec Project Data Constraints
Mon 11-Dec