Links to student websites. Your password is the first letter of your last name capitalized followed by the first letter of your first name lower case followed by your 8-digit UH Student ID number followed by the image relation operator.

Name Website Control Panel Username
1 Aidan A. aidana
2 Anh L. lamanh
3 Brian H. hoole
4 Creighton G. cgorai
5 Jason L. lenj
6 JiaQi L. jiaqil
7 Jin Z. jhz
8 Jon H. jonhsu
9 Joshua C. cruzj4
10 Justin B. jkbishay
11 Kailey P. kpaahana
12 Karissa H. khuynh24
13 Kenneth B. kabaker4
14 Matthew Y. mky99
15 Richard H. rjchardh
16 Ryan G. ryan38
17 Ryan N. rknakata
18 Sayera D. sayeradh
19 Sean T. seanytak
20 William B. wb4