Assignment 1 Creating Databases

In this assignment you will learn how to import and export databases to and from your class MySQL server.

Part 1: Create Suppliers Parts Database
  1. In cPanel, using the MySQL Databases app, create a database named SuppliersParts.
  2. In cPanel, open the PhpMyAdmin app. On the left sidebar, click the SuppliersParts database. The main panel should display no tables in the database.
  3. Download this spreadsheet. Notice it contains the three tables of the Suppliers Parts database.
  4. Add yourself to the Suppliers table as SNO = “S6”, SNAME = your last name, STATUS = 40 and CITY = your city.
  5. In PhpMyAdmin, import the Suppliers table (with you in it) into your SuppliersParts database. Name the table S.
  6. Repeat for the Parts table, naming the table P.
  7. Repeat for the Suppliers Parts table, naming the table SP.
Part 2: Create Employee Projects Database
  1. In cPanel, using the MySQL Databases app create a database named EmployeeProjects.
  2. In cPanel, open PhpMyAdmin and open the EmployeeProjects database.
  3. In PhpMyAdmin, click the SQL tab to open a window for entering SQL statements. Copy this schema into the window and click Go.
  4. Open the EMPLOYEE table. Insert yourself as EmployeeNumber = 13, Department = “InfoSystems” and Email = your email address.
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