Assignment 3 – Places Database

In the previous assignment we created two APIs that access a MySQL database you created.

In this assignment we will use this knowledge to create a new database, and a set of APIs to access the database.

Before we create the database and APIs, you will first create a simple mobile application that can read your geolocation and display nearby places (e.g., restaurants). Then we will create a database and APIs so you can record places you visit.

Part 1: Create Places Mobile App

Create the Places mobile app using Ionic Creator. Click for step-by-step instructions using the Free version or the Pro version.

Part 2: Create PLACES Database

1. Create a database on your server named PLACES.

2. Inside the database, create a table named checkins that stores relevant information regarding a specific check-in. Be sure to include the current geolocation.

3. Create a second table named places that stores relevant information about the specific checked-in place. Make sure you include the geolocation of the place.

4. Make an API that will record a check-in.

Part 3: Add Check-In Button

Add a check-in button at the bottom of the place details page. Include a text input for a comment. Make sure to display an acknowledgement of the check-in.

Part 4: Add Places Summary Page

Add a page to your app that displays all the checked-in places alphabetically. Be sure to include the dates and comments for each places. You will need to create an API that returns a JSON array.